Club Collects Feminine Products for Women’s Center


Maggie Doolittle

The Women With Women Club collected donations such as sanitary products for homeless women.

The Women with Women Club will be hosting a donation drive from November 30 to December 4. The drive is collecting feminine and period products, hand sanitizer, masks, socks and anything else that can help homeless or abandoned women.

While this is the 1st drive the club has done, co-presidents juniors Juliet Diamantidis and Charlotte Whitney hope there will be many more to come.

“In times like this, women are especially struggling with hygiene and keeping themselves healthy, especially with the pandemic, [and] with the club we hope we can gather resources to help these women,” said Diamantidis.

All the resources gathered by the club will be donated to the Women’s Daytime Drop-In Center in Berkeley which specializes in supporting homeless women and children.

“People don’t understand that women in shelters need just as much help as anyone else…So many women in shelters or on the streets go weeks or even months without a shower or clean pair of clothes to change into. We want people to be aware of what’s actually happening with women around the world,” said Whitney.

Junior Sara Tabibian is planning on donating pads and tampons in bulk. “There are so many girls who go about their daily lives without the proper protection from menstrual productions or who refuse them which is highly unsanitary and can lead to infections. I feel no girl or woman should have to go without protection and I hope this club helps everyone realize this as well,” she said.