Campolindo Provides Senior-Only SAT

Campolindo seniors, who have struggled with various standardized testing cancelations due to COVID-19 safety guidelines, flocked to campus to take a senior-only SAT test on October 13.

Campolindo’s testing coordinator Mary Kenny-Broda viewed the facilitation of the test as “an overall success.”

“By administering the test on the Oct 14th school day administration we were able to limit our testers to CHS students,” Kenny-Broda explained.

Senior Kate Dendinger was happy to return to campus, although it was not in the way she originally had hoped she’d be able to re-enter old classrooms.

Senior Ainsley Woodford–who had prepped for the ACT originally–found the SAT to be “easier for [her] than the ACT because there are less questions and more time.”

“It was weird taking it with a mask on but I forgot that I was even wearing it half-way through,” said Woodford.

With such a huge gap between when most people were originally planning to take an SAT, some students worried they’d forget their prep. Senior Connie Kim was relieved that the test felt “just the difficulty level” she had expected.

“I really did struggle with the reading which is new for me cause I usually suck at the math section. But this time it was the complete opposite,” Kim added.

“Honestly I thought it went okay [overall],” Dendinger said.

“Many parents and students seemed appreciative of this opportunity after months of cancellations,” Kenny-Broda concluded.