District Adopts Canvas for Distance Learning

The introduction of the online learning management system (LMS) Canvas for the 2020-2021 school year has drastically changed the distance learning format from what students experienced in the spring. Students and teachers alike have had to adjust to the new platform.

The district hoped that Canvas’s comprehensiveness would be a convenience for students who otherwise would have had to check on multiple LMS’s (School Loop, Google Classroom, etc.) to find out what work needs to be done.

“Canvas has been a positive addition to Campo’s academic program. As the year progresses, students, staff, and parents will become more comfortable with using this learning management system,” said Principal John Walker.

“We went with Canvas because the user interface was clearer than our other option,” said math department head Jennifer Frugaletti, a member of the committee of teachers who chose Canvas out of the other options.

According to English teacher Lauren Henson, another teacher who adapted Canvas, “Canvas is here to stay for the foreseeable future.”

Frugaletti likes the testing features on Canvas but acknowledged the platform’s initial challenges. “As a teacher that uses it, it has been a large learning curve because there are so many features and customizable options that it is a lot to learn,” said Frugaletti.

However, Frugeletti thinks that the grading features on Canvas “will take some getting used to.”

Junior Ella Heydenfelt feels “so-so” about the introduction of Canvas.

Many students share Heydenfelt’s grievances with the new system. A poll conducted on La Puma’s Instagram account found that 71% of 163 total surveyed students disapprove of Canvas.

Freshman James Davis believes that Canvas is “not only is it confusing, but it [does] not always work properly.”

“For some of my teachers, Canvas works really well, but the problem is that each teacher has a different way of navigating the site so sometimes it gets confusing,” said Heydenfelt.

“I think some students have a negative experience with Canvas because for some people it does not let them submit work and it is different and hard to figure out sometimes,” said Heydenfelt.