Vocalists Choose, Arrange Music for Pops Concert


Jack Bunzel-Hardie, Staff Writer

The annual Pops Concert, which features choir students signing arrangements of current pop-music hits, was hosted in the CPAC on January 23 and 24.

Sophomore chamber vocalist Cooper Lenahan said that he enjoyed the change of pace that the concert offers. “I think the Pops Concert is more fun than normal concerts, for both the singers and the audience members,” he said. 

The completely a capella performance offered unique opportunities for singers to fill in where instruments would normally be used. “The beatboxing is so fun,” said Lenahan. “My favorite song that we performed was “Bottom of the River” because the stomping added a whole new effect that I thought was really cool and the soloists did particularly well.”

Senior chamber member Bella Brocado said this Pops Concert was particularly important to her since it was her last. “It’s kind of sad to be going into my senior year because I love this tradition. It’s a unique experience to offer an opportunity to sing pop songs in choir and having it be my last time was bittersweet,” she said.

According to Lenahan, the concert is also special because the students pick the songs and construct the arrangements. “We chose the songs with a Google Doc. All the kids in the class choose songs and then the seniors pick the ones they like,” he said. “Mr. Roberts is not very involved because a lot of the kids will teach and arrange the songs. Mr. Roberts only steps in if the kids are really struggling.”

Brocado said, “The concert offers students more ability to choose their own style.”

Junior Chamber Singer Finn Lahrette added that the show is a great experience for choir students. “I liked how I was able to arrange my own music and could see my friends getting the opportunity to teach the class,” he said.

Overall, Lenahan felt that the concert was successful. He said, “All the soloists did really well and I think everyone enjoyed the concert.”