Movie Scores Kick off Instrumental Season


Jack Bunzel-Hardie, Staff Writer

The Symphonic Band performed movie scores at the annual Pops Concert on September 23.

Junior Leon Mikulinsky said the band was “very excited to play this concert because the songs are light and fun.”

Band director Johnny Johnson added that he “really looks forward to conducting this concert because pop music is so fun and the bands are brand new and everyone is really energetic.”

Although the typical repertoire for the instrumental music course is classical, this concert offered a change of pace. “My favorite song is Bohemian Rhapsody,” said senior David Lucas, who noted it was also a crowd favorite.

Mikulinsky said that “Diggin’ The New Digs” from the “Incredibles” was a memorable piece as “there’s a few fun surprises hidden in.”

Johnson said that the pops performance is a good entry point for novice music fans. “Any potential audience member who hasn’t come to a concert before, this is the one to go to because it is more relatable and less serious. Here you’ll see what we are all about. These are songs that everyone has heard of and if you don’t come to these concerts I think you’re missing out,” he said.