Car Wreck Forces Road Closure


Joelle Nelson, Co-Editor in Chief

Students traveling toward the Commons after school on October 19 found the road blocked by emergency personnel responding to a car crash.

The sedan had careened off the side of the road and into a power pole, spewing smoke into the road and prompting both the fire department and police to close the road from Saint Mary’s to Corliss Drive.

Passengers on County Connection buses 603 and 606 first noticed something was wrong when their respective drivers pulled to the side of the roadway. Visible from the bus windows were streams of smoke in the direction of Moraga Commons. After several minutes, police cars and firetrucks passed the buses, headed toward the accident.

After the bus drivers discussed the predicament, they instructed passengers to disembark. Senior Elizabeth Maroney said, “Yeah, it’s really inconvenient because now I have to walk home.” Approximately 30 other students were in the same situation.

Those who walked along the bike path toward the St. Mary’s Road intersection witnessed firemen spraying the hillside with water, though no fire was observed. The smoke had mostly dispersed, and the road had been completely blocked off by Moraga Police. One driver was seen arguing with an officer before turning around to avoid the blocked road.

The road remained closed on October 20, forcing student drivers to detour over Rheem Blvd. to reach Campolindo.

Following the incident, County Connection announced, via Twitter, that route 6 (Lafayette/Moraga/Orinda) would detour on Saint Mary’s Road until further notice.