Competition Increases Can Donations


Joelle Nelson, News Editor

The annual canned food drive continues this year from December 5-15.

Senior class president Christopher Wright said, “It’s a school wide event that becomes very competitive…and whoever wins their bracket of classes wins a pizza party.”

Students can donate cans or money. 1 dollar equals 3 cans for the purpose of tallying total cans for school-wide competition. Wright admits it is probably easier to bring in money rather than cans. “We mostly collect money,” agreed leadership teacher Dino Petrocco.

To encourage donations, the leadership class will continue to offer prizes for those classes that provide the most. “With incentive, there’s going to be more reason for them to [donate]. Even though we know Campolindo students have the best intentions when donating cans, we believe that with the pizza party incentive kids will bring more cans and more money and help out more people, which is the end goal,” said Wright.

“It’s for the children,” added senior Lydia Hancock.

Many teachers also get competitive and offer incentives, such as an extra credit.

Wright believes this year may be more competitive than last year.

Like in previous years, the leadership class hopes to set the standard for donations. However, they will not be eligible for any of the prizes. “In leadership we each have to bring in 240 cans or $80, so what I’m going to do is I’m going to go to Costco and buy 240 cup noodle packs and that will be my contribution,” said Wright.

The total number of cans collected reached 6,700 as of December 6. “Not bad after day 2,” said Petrocco. “Let’s hope for the best.”