Daily Themes Denote Spirit Week

Joelle Nelson and Genie Lee

Leadership organized dress-up days and other activities for the August 31 to September 4 “Spirit Week.”

To decide the themes and lunchtime activities for each day of the week, “We put in ideas and [took] a class vote,” said Commissioner of Cultural Diversity Ashley Lok.

Students dressed in American garb for “USA Day” and enjoyed music in the quad at lunch on Monday. On Tuesday, students picked a friend with whom to “twin” and played birdie on a perch during lunch.

Wearing favorite team jerseys, students participated in musical chairs on Wednesday. Thursday had students playing Human Tetris and dressing for the beach.

A rally was held on Friday in which freshman wore blue, sophomores wore red, juniors wore white, and seniors wore black.

“If a particular theme is more accessible like dressing up in black, then people tend to dress up more often,” Hanley said.

Senior and Leadership member Yuri Hanley said, “I love [Spirit Week] because I can dress up.”

Both Hanley and Lok have participated in spirit week every year of their high school careers. They added that Spirit Week is a good way of helping the freshman and getting them more comfortable with the new environment of high school.

“Spirit Week promotes school spirit,” said Lok.