Rowdy Seniors Delay Photo Shoot


Katy Ly, Staff Writer

The annual senior panoramic picture was taken on Wednesday, October 8.

“It’s all the seniors getting in a picture for the senior class. The class of 2015!” said Associate Principal Biezad. “It’s the opportunity to express oneself in a different way.”

Seniors left their fourth period class ten to fifteen minutes early, gathered on the benches in the large gym and sat down as directed by the photographer.

Some students were challenged by the energy and chaos. “I was sitting next to a bunch of obnoxious boys,” said senior Rosalind Fraser. “They were kind of chanting things, and making it difficult for the photographers to kind of do their job.”

While most seniors were dressed normally, others decided to make a statement. “Some of the kids, they like to dress up, or do something funny in the picture,” said Jose Rodriguez, one of the photographers. Fraser added that some seniors put up their hair in strange style, or wore big blue shirts. Some others also wore colorful sunglasses or fake wigs.  “It’s just interesting that they do that,” Rodriguez said.

Some seniors put up their hands just before the photo was taken. When the photographers asked them to put their hands down to take the picture, some ignored him. Others made silly faces, or hoisted people onto their laps. A few also started chanting and cheering.

“It’s really rude,” said Fraser. “They [the photographers] are just trying to do their job, and you have these boys making it so that we can’t hear instructions.” The senior class ended up taking about twenty minutes to take their final picture. It wasn’t until a few minutes after the bell for lunch rang that the photographer was satisfied with the result, and let the seniors go.”It took forever,” added Fraser.

Biezad said, “It’s not respectful of other people’s time, but teenagers are teenagers.”

Rodriguez was not as critical of the student behavior.  He said, “This year they did a much better job than last year.” According to Rodriguez, the senior class was more rowdy last year, and the panoramic picture took a little bit longer. “I don’t think it’s rude,” said Rodriguez. “I think it’s their last year, and they’re just having fun.”