Underclassmen Recognized for Year’s Efforts

Joan Harris, Staff Writer

The Underclassmen Awards celebrated the achievements of freshmen, sophomores and juniors on Monday, May 12, after school in the library

Organized by math teacher Nita Madra, teachers nominated students for each award. This was Madra’s 16th year organizing the event, which has been going on for 30 years.

According to Madra, about 60 students earn awards each year.

Usually at the beginning of the third quarter, Madra begins asking teachers for names of students to be recognized for their hard work. Madra explained, “2-4 weeks before the awards day, they get the invitation, and I mail one to the parents.”

Junior Toni Finnane won the leadership award. Finnane is the Commissioner of Social Affairs, which means she is in charge of dances, the talent show, and Mr.GQ.

At the ceremony, the Parents Club provided desserts.

According Finnane, the ceremony was only about 20-30 minutes long. “We went in and we got the programs that said what everyone won. And they called up the students who won and they went up and got their certificate,” Finnane said.

Riley Felt won the award in teacher Lindsay Webb-Peploe’s world history class.  Felt said,”The head of the department calls up the students, and we got a certificate.”

Felt did not expect to win the award for Social Science. “I expected it for English or something else and it all depends on the teacher that is giving it, and also if there is a student that teachers know excel.”

Bridget Bradford said, “I got it for math, which is my best class-geometry. My teacher also pulled me aside and told me it is because I help other people in the class.”

Some students were told by their teachers in advanced that they were going to receive an award. However, Felt said, “I got a letter in fourth period. Some people got a letter, others their teachers told them. So for me it was a surprise about what subject I got it for.”