Vivid Color, Adaptability Hot for Spring

Lindsay Wilson, Lifestyle Editor

Following spring break, school revs up for the final push through the fourth quarter, with AP, ACT and SAT exams, as well as end of year projects, and finals.

The end of the school year, however, also signals the return of the fashionable, flirty shirts, shorts, skirts, dresses and shoes of the spring and summer season. The Monday after break campus was transformed as girls showed off the wares of their spring break shopping.

Sweaters, jeans, leggings, and long boots have finally been shed for skirts, dresses, and gladiator sandals. Hasta la vista winter, bienvenidos spring!

First, let’s begin with shoes. As soon as warm weather hits, colorful sandals flood campus. Already this year, gladiator sandals have been huge. From basic colors of black, white, tan, and brown to the flashy, flamboyant corals, aquamarine, and patterned, these are some of the most popular shoes on campus.

Also, short boots and combat boots are transitioning from a winter trend to a spring one. As longer boots are too hot for a day above 70 degrees, they have been replaced by shorter versions. Black and brown combat and lace-up boots are popular now. Usually worn with colorful or patterned socks, they provide a classy, finished look with either shorts, jeans, or colorful or patterned pants.

Flip flops will always be a spring and summer essential. Every color of the rainbow is represented at Campolindo each day with an array of flip flops slapping their way through the halls. Some go for brown and black, others for patterns and flashy brights. They can be used to dress up or for casual wear. Shiny, more finished looking sandals can be worn at parties, dinners, or other social events. Brown or black braided flip flops can be donned for a more casual look. Flip flops are the perfect spring and summer shoe because they go with nearly everything, from jeans and patterned pants to skirts and dresses.

Next, we will dive into clothes. The hipster trend continues in 2014. Long skirts, oversize sweaters, maxi dresses, and crocheted shorts are all over campus. Most pair long skirts with a crop top and oversize sweaters with jeans, patterned pants, and leggings. Maxi dresses come in many unique shades and patterns, ranging from basics to flashy, vivid colors. Lastly, crocheted shorts and other patterned shorts are a big hit this year. Worn with a t-shirt, flow-y top, or tank top, these shorts are an essential for either casual wear or dressing up.

Full skirts and slip dresses are also  “in” this year. The infamous Brandy Melville slip dress is especially popular. Variations of the same style cover campus. Full skirts from the same store are also prevalent. Made from many different materials and available in all sorts of colors and patterns, this skirt, once considered too “hipster” for most people, is now mainstream. Usually worn with a crop top or tank, these too are also perfect for a formal occasion or just another day at high school.

Lastly, flow-y tops, bright colored or patterned pants, and bralettes are daily wardrobe essentials. Flow-y tops with bandeaus or bralettes underneath are can be used to dress up or down.

Pairing these articles of clothing with bright colored or patterned pants and a layered necklace complete the “spring look.”