MEF Calls Community for Cash

Aly Fosbury, Staff Writer

An annual Phone-A-Thon, organized by and benefiting the Moraga Education Foundation (MEF), was held on February 4 and 5 at Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School.

Every year about 6 to 8 staff members from Campolindo participate in this Moraga tradition. Last year’s participants included Principal John Walker, teacher Don Dupont, and administrator Carolyn Daughton. In addition, many of the community’s parents staff the program.

“Parents who are active leaders in MEF always participate,” Walker said. Approximately 70 to 80 people volunteer all together.

“The Phone-A-Thon was started as a way to contact more potential donors and raise more funding for the schools,” parent Kim Matranga said. MEF has used the event to raise funds for 20 years.

Last year, $1.9 million dollars was raised by MEF for local schools. “Our goal this year is to raise $2.2 million,” Matranga said. “The Phone-A-Thon gives MEF volunteers an opportunity to explain to potential donors the importance of their contributions to Moraga schools,” Matranga added.

“Since the Phone-A-Thon is only for 2 nights and we have a limited number of callers, we want to reach those families who will most likely donate,” Matranga explained.

“We contact families with students in Moraga public schools including Campolindo high School as well as local residents and businesses,” Phone-A-Thon organizer Jeanine Gentry said.

“MEF donates almost $500,000 to Campo every year,” Walker said. “Campo would be a very different school without MEF support, so I think it is essential that we help out when we can.”

The money raised by MEF helps Campolindo pay for elective classes, classroom equipment, tutoring services, as well as iPads and laptops. However, MEF does not support the new building reconstruction, although it does support the drama and choral programs which will be held in the new building.

Since the MEF office is at Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School, the Phone-A-Thon is always held at that venue. “The Moraga school district generously lets MEF and our volunteers use JMIS,” Gentry said.

The phone calls made during this event are directed specifically towards past donors for MEF. Occasionally, residents in Lafayette and Walnut Creek are called due to their donations to MEF in the past.