Choir Changes Placement Procedure


Isabel Owens, Staff Writer

Choir is revising its student placement system to match that of nearly every other school, according to choir teacher Mark Roberts. Beginning next school year, singers will be placed in choir classes based on ability rather than grade level.

“Everyone will be placed in the ensemble in which they best contribute,” said Roberts.

Roberts believes that the decision to update the system is in the best interest of his students and the program as a whole. “I think it allows everyone to perform to their best potential and not either be in over their heads or not challenged enough,” he explained.

Freshman Grace Shi agrees that the new procedure will ultimately benefit everyone. She anticipates that grouping students of the same ability will help them improve.  “It helps to place people with people who have the same skill level so they can advance and learn faster,” she said.

Sophomore Olivia Carver concurs. “They would be in a group more beneficial to themselves rather than struggling the whole year and trying to keep up,” Carver explained.

Shi believes this will not dissuade people from joining choir. Carver however, expects that some older students may be discouraged from enrolling. “If someone didn’t care that they’re in the freshmen choir then they’ll do great, but if they do then they’ll hate it the whole year,” she said.

A vocal, sight-reading, and basic theory test will assess student skill. Students will then be placed accordingly.

Roberts hopes “there will be a higher level of preparation and attention and commitment because they know that there’s more accountability.”