Pileup Wrecks Car, Injures Student


Shea Danforth, Staff Writer

Chemistry teacher Patrick Wildermuth and students Nikki Honda and Max Giedlin were involved in a car accident in front of campus on Moraga Road.  The accident, which occurred after school on November 4, was frightening for all three individuals.  While Wildermuth and Giedlin avoided physical harm, Honda was injured, suffering neck strain and a mild concussion.

Honda and Giedlin are both Wildermuth’s former students.

According to Wildermuth, a student entered the crosswalk adjacent to the front parking lot exit abruptly, forcing Wildermuth to stop quickly.  Honda, who was driving her vehicle behind Wildermuth’s, was then forced to brake as well.

Third in the line of vehicles approaching the cross walk was Giedlin. He wasn’t able to stop, hitting the back of Honda’s car and pushing it into Wildermuth’s vehicle.

Wildermuth said he was angry at first, since it was a new car that he had purchased just 4 months ago. His rear bumper was damaged. However, Wildermuth soon came to realize it was “just a bumper” and that it was easily replaceable.

Wildermuth believes the pile up was no one’s fault. “We should have all payed better attention. There’s a lot to keep track of, a lot going on. We were all too close to the car in front of us,” he said. “I can’t possibly be mad at either one of them.”

The American Automobile Association does not share Wildermuth’s view however. According to the insurance company, Giedlin was responsible for vehicle damage.

After the impact, Wildermuth exchanged contact information with the other drivers and called the police. According to Honda, she and Giedlin were both in a state of shock.

Sylvia Ames, mother of sophomore Lauren Ames, was driving by and stopped to help. According to Honda, Ames told her to see a doctor.

Wildermuth and Honda were able to drive away from the scene in their vehicles, but Giedlin’s car was totaled. Wildermuth said, “It wouldn’t be financially worth fixing.”

Police interviewed the drivers. Giedlin vehicle was towed away from the scene.

According to Honda, she received a medical examination immediately following the accident. The doctor informed her that she had whiplash and her neck would hurt for a couple of weeks. She is now required to wear a neck brace at night.

Later, on November 7, after experiencing additional symptoms, Honda visited the doctor again, and was diagnosed with a minor concussion.