Annual Celebration Welcome Break

Isabel Owens, Staff Writer

Anticipation of the 2013 Homecoming dance is fostered by the events of the preceding week, according to Freshman Sofya Pesternikova. Organized by Leadership, Homecoming week is filled with school-spirit-promoting activities for all grades.

While Homecoming week lasts only a few days, October 21-28, Leadership spends months in preparation. They planned the dress-up days, the lunchtime activities, and the tailgate party for Friday’s football game. According to Sophomore Class President Fiona Stewart, the weeks preceding Homecoming are “really stressful because we have to make sure everything goes as planned.”

Each day includes new activities. On Monday, students dressed up as either East coast or West coast: preppy or chill. A live band performed in the quad at lunch, encouraging this year’s music theme. Pesternikova enjoyed the upbeat nature of the band’s music. “It’s so cheerful,” she explained.

Senior Jackson Wiley volunteered to play in the quad at lunch on Monday. “We played alternative-rock,” he said. The band played songs I Bet You Look Good on The Dance Floor, Open Up, The Weekend, and Colossal.

Hallways were decorated by each class, corresponding to their respective music themes. Freshmen were assigned reggae, Sophomores electronic, Juniors country, and Seniors hip-hop.

Seniors Campbell Beaver and Janell Ingersoll were excited for their theme. “I love it, I think it’s perfect,” said Beaver.

On Tuesday, the Sophomore and Junior Powderpuff teams faced each other at lunch on the football field, as well as the Freshmen and Seniors.

During lunch on Wednesday, the Freshman Powderpuff football team faced down the Sophomore’s team, and the Juniors played the Seniors. Students came to school dressed in jerseys of their favorite athletes and sport teams.

Stewart was most excited for the carnival at lunch on Thursday. A video game truck, human hamster balls, and inflatables were provided for entertainment. “It brings people together,” said Stewart. Students were able to buy food at the carnival from Jamba Juice, Taco Man, Dippin’ Dots, Top Dog, and Marucci’s. They also dressed in support of their respective themes. “I always look forward to people dressing up to see what they’re wearing,” said Beaver.

Freshman Annie Brewster believed that Friday, the final school day of Homecoming week, raised school spirit. A morning rally kicked of the day, students wore their class shirts.

At 5:30pm the pregame tailgate will take place at the tennis courts to elevate enthusiasm for the 7:00pm varsity football game against Alhambra.

Pesternikova believed that Homecoming week was a welcome break from the daily rigor of high school. “It’s a time for us to relax, have fun, and enjoy ourselves,” she said.