Stone Directs Fall Production

Marko Durovic, Staff Writer

The drama department is making preparations for its fall play, We Scene Us, to be performed in the Lafayette Town Hall.  The production will run November 8 and 9.

Drama teacher Jamie Donohoe said, “We are done with casting and we had our first read through and rehearsals.”

Auditions were open to all. “[Donohoe] made the final choice, but I shared my thoughts and had an input in the process,” said senior and assistant director Meredith Stone. “I am usually acting, so this is very different for me, because I am directing other people.”

According to Donohoe, a handful of people who are not in any of the drama classes showed up to audition.

We Scene Us is a series of seemingly unconnected scenes. When senior Ariel Adair first got the script she had trouble identifying a central theme. “But Mr. Donohoe put them together in such an interesting way that it really puts them all together perfectly,” she said. The play represents the beginning, middle and end of relationships for various couples.

Adair plays two parts in the play. “I play 2 roles: a waitress named Ester, and a nurse named Liz,” said Adair. “I actually auditioned for a role in the first scene of the play, but Mr. Donohoe saw me in a different role. Now that I am cast in it and working on it, I can definitely see why he put me here.”

“I don’t want to give anything away, but it is going to be a really great play,” Adair added.