Club Day Solicits New Membership


Harris Sahar, Staff Writer

Club Day offers students a chance to sign up for extra-curricular campus groups or start one of their own. This year’s Club Day was held on September 27.

Club leaders set up booths throughout the gym, and offered sign-up sheets for those who wanted to join.

The showcase was organized by leadership advisor Dino Petrocco and the leadership class. Campolindo offers a variety of clubs that appeal to a diverse student body, including Robotics Club and Mock Trial.  “There are between 35 and 40 clubs every year,” said Petrocco. These clubs vary in both size and subjects. “I would say that clubs like Model United Nations is one of the larger clubs that have 30 to 40 people,” Petrocco added.

This year, Club Day was held in the large gym as opposed to the quad,where it was held prior years, due to the ongoing cafeteria renovations which have closed much of the space at the front of the campus.

ASB Secretary Kenzie Brown said, “Because of the current situation we had to go to the gym. I don’t think it made much of a difference.”

To start a club, a student must fill out and submit an application and designate a teacher willing to host the club in their classroom at lunch. To join a club, no registration or completion of forms is required; a student can simply show up and enjoy.

Although many club meetings are held at lunch, they are not restricted to this time. They may meet after or before school as well as in locations outside of school. This gives students the freedom to work around their schedule.

Long standing campus organizations include the Lorax Club, Mock Trial and Math Club. “Probably 85% of clubs have been carried over from last year,” said Petrocco.