Guest Speaker Visits Psychology Club

Colette Wright, Staff Writer

Psychologist David Stein came to speak to the Psychology Club on Wednesday, February 20.

Having met him before, club president Marina Han contacted Stein to invite him to explain his profession and discuss his studies. “I wanted to have a guest speaker help the members of the club learn from someone who is experienced in the field,” she said.

Stein is a clinical psychologist who works with people with interpersonal problems and depression. “I love my field of work,” said Stein.  He spends 25 to 30 hours just working with his patients.

“I think it was interesting to hear him talk about what he does, how he diagnoses his patients,” said junior Christina Beck.

“I learned there are a lot of different academic paths one can take to go into clinical or research psychology. Dr. Stein explained the different types of patients he sees and the types of treatments that are available,” said Han. “He elaborated on the pressing problems in psychology today and the importance of solving them.”

“Marina seemed interested in my work. I appreciate that,” said Stein.

Stein was always interested in psychology so he took courses on the subject at UCLA. Stein currently practices at a private clinic in San Francisco.

Both Beck and Han enjoyed Stein’s presentation. Beck said, “Dr. Stein left a good impression on me. He enjoys what he does, and he really wants to help people.”

Han said, “I’m happy that Dr. Stein came. The members and I appreciate he drove all the way out here to speak to us. His talk was very informative and I learned a lot.”