Leadership to Read Bulletin on Wednesdays

Jessi Gunn, Staff Writer

Per a recommendation from the Instructional Council, Leadership will now read important weekly announcements to every class during reading period.

Senior Class Vice President Sophie Seiberth said, “We’ve been thinking of ways to get the word out and get students excited about what’s going on in the school, because we’ve had some complaints about student body participation.” The leadership class is hoping to get students more involved with Campo events because, according to Seiberth, a recurring problem is that students are not fully aware of events. “Most of the time people say that they didn’t know about something, and that’s why they didn’t attend,” she said.

ASB President, Ryan Gannett believes that most teachers and students are supportive of the new system. “The more excited you are when you give announcements, the more people are going to listen,” he said.

“For a long time we wanted to make announcement videos, but with everything else going on it’s been hard to get that going,” said Seiberth. Therefore, in-person leadership announcements are the logical solution.