Christian Club Sponsors Toy Drive

Marko Durovic, Staff Writer

The Christian club sponsored a toy drive to help kids in the Lamorinda community. Collection barrels were located outside of the attendance office and in room C2 until December 14th.

“We were planning on it ever since November started,” said Rachel Hua, co-president of Christian club. The idea for the Toy Drive came from club member, senior Claire DeWolf, who was inspired by activities in her girl scout troop. “The first meeting of Christian club, I brought it up, because I knew they wanted to do more charity work,” she explained.

Several parents volunteered to help as well. In spite of the enthusiasm, there were some setbacks. “Some people are confused whether we want [the toys] wrapped or whether we want [them] new,” said co-president Eric Ho.

Fortunately, gift wrapped or not, all toys were welcome. They will be given to the kids who may not have received a gift for the holiday or their birthday. “So far it hasn’t been overwhelming, but we are getting people to give, and that’s what’s important,” said Christian club advisor Ken Ingersoll.

“I think it’s going to turn out well if we make sure we try to get everyone involved,” said Ho. “We are doing a lot of community involvement in Christian club this year.”

The club is also planning Operation “Christmas Child,” another charity program for children. DeWolf said, “You have shoeboxes that people can fill them with items that people need.” These boxes are then given to kids on Christmas. Ho hopes they can start this new endeavor before the end of December.