Lin Gains Directing Experience through Film Academy Scholarship

Matt Klein, Staff Writer

Rachel Lin attended classes once a week at the San Francisco Art and Film Academy over the past year. The Academy, a scholarship program sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts Association, was suggested to her by Video Production teacher Justin Seligman. Everything including instruction, studio time, and all of the equipment were provided without cost to Lin and the other accepted students.

The program is in addition to video classes Lin is already involved in at school. Through the Film Academy experience, Lin has further developed her skills as a film maker and gained valuable experience as a director.

“I dream of one day becoming a director,” said Lin, who is currently enrolled in Seligman’s Video Production 2 course. “Not only do I want to attend a film school, but I also dream of having a career in film after college as well.”

“Rachel is a very hard worker and clearly has a passion for and future in film,” said Seligman. “I thought she would be a good fit for the scholarship so I recommended it to her and she applied and got in.”

At the Academy, Lin focused on creating a short film titled Write. The project was entirely Lin’s creation, allowing for her first opportunity to direct a film. For production, the Academy provided Lin with a group of professionals to act out the 6 minutes of scenes in the film.

According to Lin, the most important thing that she took away from this project was experience in directing other people and taking charge of the production process. “Producing this film really helped me grow as a director and taught me how to be assertive,” Lin explained.

When Lin’s time at the Academy concluded, she sought another video production programs. Using the film she produced at the Academy, she applied and was accepted to the Bay Area Video Coalition Program. She will again travel to San Francisco twice a week.

“I am really excited to be involved in the program,” Lin said of her new opportunity. “Hopefully I will be able to grow even more as a director and continue to pursue my passion of film making.”