Leadership Launches Monthly Video

Mary Orders, Staff Writer

Leadership students Zach Remotto and David Reynolds starred in Leadership’s first news video on February 15th. The video humorously informed students of upcoming events.

Leadership teacher Dino Petrocco said, “It is used to provide up to date information to the students and facility.”

These monthly videos will promote events conducted by the Leadership class. Petrocco said Leadership will “send out a link to the video, and teachers will be strongly encouraged to show the video, but it is ultimately the teachers decision if they show it or not and we respect that.”

Reynolds said, “I am very excited to do the next one because it was lots of fun last time.”

The informational video was edited by sophomore Everett Tsang. He utilized the skills learned in his video production class. Tsang said he used techniques including freeze frames and explosions in the video. Remotto said, “Everett is a magician.”

Petrocco, Reynolds, and Remotto all agreed that the video was well received, but they need to work out some of the minor errors in the production.