Video Showcases Diverse Course Offerings

Cathie Gastelum, Staff Writer

Video Production students created a new informational film for the parents of incoming freshmen class. The video focuses on student perspectives and advice on how to make the transition from middle school to high school.

Visual and Performing Arts teacher Justin Seligman said that a new video is created roughly every 7 years. However, Seligman said, “The previous film had faculty interviewed; this time we wanted to have the student perspective in their own words.”

The video spotlights five seniors, including  Marley Jones, Shivaani Pal, Gabe Samaniego, Colton Jang, and Julia Curiel. The film highlights their diverse experiences.

Senior Leigh Scanlon, who is in charge of putting together the video, said, “Our basic concept was to find diverse students in the schoo We are trying to promote Campo and show why it is better than any [other] school in the area.” Scanlon, along with seniors Taylor Hunt and Sam Crossley, filmed classes in action across the campus and the curriculum.

Scanlon said she aims to portray the school as “a place with a lot of opportunities to show your interests.”

Jones, a senior, was interviewed by Scanlon, Hunt, and Crossley about her experience in the arts. Said Jones, “They chose me as the rep for the art department of the school. They asked me questions on how has Campo shaped my problem solving skills… and what are the people at Campolindo like, and how are the electives.”

Scanlon also interviewed Curiel to showcase opportunities in foreign language. “That was one of the reasons why I wanted to come to Campo, because of German being at Campo and it not offered at any other school in the district,” said Curiel. Curiel finished Spanish 5 last year, and is now currently in AP German 5, French 3, and Mandarin 1.

The video itself is 3 minutes long, and was shown on February 13, to the incoming freshmen parents from 7-8:30 at the 9th grade orientation.