Metcalf, Town Council Outline Agenda for 2012

Brooke Presten, Staff Writer

The Moraga town council met on January 28 to discuss and prioritize the town’s 2012 goals. The town of Moraga typically holds an annual goal setting workshop in the beginning of the calendar year. Mayor Michael Metcalf, vice mayor Howard Harpham, and council members Ken Chew, Karen Mendonca, and Dave Trotter, focused the town’s limited resources on projects endorsed by the council and community.

Metcalf’s new goals will affect Campolindo students. Improving public safety includes improving traffic safety by re-establishing “Slow down Lamorinda.” This program was made to keep the Lamorinda youths safe and prevent car accidents. For all the student drivers, repairing road potholes and promoting traffic safety could make Moraga a safer place as well.

Last year the town of Moraga completed fourteen of their 2011 goals. Some of these accomplishments included the Camino Pablo fields, and gaining community input to define the vision for the Rheem commercial area.

This year the Moraga town council has made eighteen goals that they hope to achieve by the year 2013. Several of these goals include improving management procedures, enhancing established relationships and maintaining and completing current programs. Metcalf has drafted the council goals for 2012. He wants to repair Moraga’s streets, improve parks and sports fields and improve public safety.

Making improvements to the Moraga Commons is also included in the list. This means repairing the skatepark parking lot, improving walking trails and remodeling the Bandshell.