Middle School Visits Promote Electives


Casey Miller, Staff Writer

Student representatives of various Campo electives visited Stanley Middle School and Joaquin Moraga Middle School (JM) on February 6th and 9th, respectively, to introduce eighth graders to their course options for next year.  The students promoted classes through skits, raps, and talking candidly about their experiences.

Phoebe Howard, a Stanley eighth grader, said, “It’s fun to see what classes you are going to take next year.”  One of the presentations included freshmen Kayla Nason and Jack Shurtz performing an impromptu skit for drama, in which Stanley students offered situations to be acted out by the two.

Other demonstrations included yearbook and music. Luther Kuefner performed an original rap about the music program. Luther said, “Band is the best class because it’s a really big change from all the other academic classes.  It’s an opportunity to express yourself.”

After the band performance, Stanley eighth grader Kendra Hilton said, “They are all very talented!”

Representatives from Art 1 and Wood Technology displayed projects. Mandarin students passed out informational sheets.

Mandarin representative, freshman Nick Lum, said, “It’s cool to see old faces at our old middle schools.”

For Stanley students, presentations provide not only an introduction to Campo electives, but reassurance that they will find friends among students from JM and other middle schools, despite most Stanley students attending Acalanes. Representatives emphasized the German program, which is not offered at Acalanes, and the prestigious Cougar choir program.