Visits to Middle Schools Aim to Showcase Electives

Matt Klein, Staff Writer

Elective teachers will be taking selected students to local middle schools, Stanley and Joaquin Moraga, in order to inform next year’s incoming freshmen about scholastic opportunities beyond the core subjects. The trips will begin on February 9.

“Our school has such a wide range of spectacular electives, many of which students do not even know about. That is why it is only fair that we inform these students of all of their opportunities that they have next year,” said Vice Principal Mrs. Bartlett.

Programs participating in these visits include Woodshop, Drama, Band, Mandarin, Journalism, Art, and Video Production. Through these trips, teachers are hoping to provide information about their subjects and help bolster course sign ups.

“These trips are really helpful to the middle school students because it gives them knowledge on classes that they otherwise may know nothing about. Our goal is to help kids decide what classes interest them and hopefully help make their class selections next year easier,” said Woodshop teacher Mr. Dupont.

Those chosen to represent the various electives will talk briefly to a large audience of eighth graders, but may also bring in artwork, wood projects, or even perform a skit or song in order to entice interest.

“I can’t wait to go there and just let kids know how fun and interesting Woodshop is. Many kids don’t know too much about it so I’m hoping we can teach the kids about it and hopefully convince a lot of them to take it because it’s a great class that not too many people know about,” explained Senior Robbie Wirth, who will be visiting the Joaquin Moraga campus.

“It was really interesting to find out a little more about the electives at Campolindo. I had no idea what I was going to take, but the visit from the students really helped me choose,” said current freshman Matt O’Reilley.  O’Reilley was among those who listened to presentations made at Stanley Middle School last year.

However, these trips serve as much more than just allowing incoming freshman to get an idea of what classes to take next year. Without students to fill out the wide range of electives offered at Campolindo, many of these programs could be cut, therefore adding increased value to the importance of these visits.