Club Watch: Leos’ Participation Up

Natalie Li, Staff Writer

Leos Collect Glasses

This year, the Leo Club almost tripled its amount of members with a whopping 158 signups on Club Day.

President and senior Elodie Kwan says that it is the “first time when there are actually too many volunteers for the events, which is great.”

Working with one of the Moraga Lions Club advisors, John Baitx, the club’s goal is to get out into the community more, beyond the occasional crab feed or preplanned event.

On Halloween, members of the Leo Club collected unwanted eyeglasses while trick-or-treating in their neighborhoods. These glasses will be cleaned before being sent to Africa.

Red Cross Hosts Guest

Guest speaker Adam Hurly spoke to members from the Red Cross Club about the Red Cross organization. On October 13, he gave an interesting presentation about the historical background of the Red Cross as well as an introduction to potential fundraisers and individual opportunities such as internships and volunteering.

Co-president and junior Naomi Seto was surprised that so many members joined the new club. She is pleased that there is a wide variety of people that are part of the club, ranging from freshmen to juniors, who are all interested in volunteering.

“We want to maintain a growing community of volunteers who are both interested in volunteering and having fun,” said Seto.

Robotics Prepare to Compete

Preparations for an upcoming competition are in their final stages as members put the finishing touches on their robots.

The competition is hosted by the US FIRST program, and the Parents Club helped cover for the registration fees and funding of two teams and parts to build quality robots.

“We’re combining both teamwork, cooperation, and technical and programming skills,” said President and senior Sammie Wang.

Their robot is almost done with the mechanical stages and ready for testing.

Former president and senior Maks Tsvetkov’s main goal for this competition is “to win, always, and bring glory to Campo.”

Besides fierce competition, the club is trying to promote community outreach. After school once a week, the club helps out the younger robotics team at Joaquin Moraga Middle School.