Masters Lend Expertise to Woodshop


Scott Fox, Staff Writer

For the last five years, Volunteer “Trainers”  have been helping kids with their projects in the Wood Technology Program. George Lucido, one of the trainers, comes in every Thursday.

Lucido works with around 4-5 kids in every class. He said, “I usually work with around 20 kids per class every year.” He has spent 6 years volunteering in woodshops.

“I want to pass on my knowledge of wood working. I feel it is a skill that may be dieing,” he explained.

According to Connor Murray, a Wood Tech student, when it comes to helping with projects, the trainers are very good at what they do.

“They’ll make sure you are using the tools correctly, and that you’re making your project right.” He added, “If necessary, they will save your project.”

Lucido said, “I mostly work only with the lathes.”  A lathe is a machine tool that spins on its axis to form different objects. It can be used to make bowls and vases. The help of the trainers has significantly improved the lathe work with the kids.

Murray said, “They will help with anything regarding the lathes.”  The trainers come every Tuesday and Thursday