Campolindo with Michigan Mens Glee Club Concert


Sophia Lohman

Concert choir and Michigan Mens Glee club collaborate for a combined concert.

The Michigan Men’s Glee Club performed with the Campolindo Concert choir in a combined concert on May 10. They focused on songs to do with peace and love, especially featuring a few select songs to highlight the stories of the LGBTQ+ members.

The Glee Club came to the choir that day to talk about their experiences being in the group. These talks were very interesting for the students. Senior Charlie Hansen said, “[Seeing them perform] made me want to apply to Michigan, it was very inspiring and it definitely made me want to continue choir in college.”

These college students also stayed in the houses of select students for 2 nights. This was the perfect opportunity for the students to get to know the Michigan men better. Senior Samantha Davis said, “It was super fun, my favorite part was driving them around because we played musical theater songs and sang along, and then later we had another sing-along after dinner.” It was a great opportunity for the students to be able to have fun and become friends with the singers that many students looked up to.

Davis said, “When our tenors and bases were able to sing with them, it was a great experience to see their faces light up and I think the audience was inspired to see them inspired.” The students seemed to have a boost of confidence after seeing the Glee Club perform.

When the Campolindo choir was able to ask questions to the Glee Club members, they were able to see that it was possible to continue choir in college. Junior Rachel Andre said, “I learned a lot about the experience of auditioning for [the glee club] and the welcoming and supportive environment.”

Although the concert in itself was inspiring, the star of the show was The Friars, which is a small group of men from the Glee Club who make up the very selective and impressive acapella group.

The successful visit left students motivated to work hard, and proud to be a part of the concert. Andre said, “I love watching them perform and listening to them, they were so dynamic and their sound was amazing.”