Community Rallies to Support Staff Members

During these unprecedented times, Campo staff and students have taken it upon themselves to lift the spirits of those struggling in our school community. A group of staff members joined by students have been writing cards for Spanish teacher Lola Danielli, along with former attendance secretary Cathleen Cooper, to spread positivity and heartfelt wishes.

Yoga teacher Chris Walsh said, “[English teacher Tom] Duffy alerted us early this year that Ms. D[anielli] was having a hard time. As Mr. Duffy said, ‘Lola is one of us. She’s part of our Campo family.’”

Upon hearing of this, Duffy and Walsh both encouraged staff to reach out to the beloved teacher. Some have been corresponding with her via letters, hoping to share their appreciation.

“Ms. Danielli and I have written back and forth a couple of times already this year, so when I was sending her another card, I decided to mention it to my Algebra 2 Advanced classes, to see if anyone who had her as a teacher wanted me to add their name to the card. I was very touched by the response that I got in the Zoom private chat. 20+ students in my 3 classes wrote that they wanted to be included in my card and many wrote heartfelt wishes for Ms. Danielli,” said math teacher Anu Kuefner.

After she made the announcement in her Algebra classes, Kuefner was contacted by sophomores Mira Shah and Gracyn Roake about sending their own cards to Danielli. Kuefner said, “I helped set that up with [librarian Sarah] Morgan in the library. [Leadership advisor Lindsay] Webb-Peploe also agreed to put an announcement in the weekly leadership update.”

Roake said, “I know that she has connected with so many students over the years and I just saw a chance for Campo to show her our appreciation especially in such crazy times. Hopefully, these cards can lift her spirits, I think we are all going through a lot with everything going on this year and it just seems like a perfect time to show our gratitude.”

Both students and staff have made cards and small gifts that have been delivered to Danielli.

Walsh said, “It’s a tribute to the kindness and love we have here as a Campo community. Ms. D said that it warmed her heart and brightened her spirits. Youth have a great deal of positive power with their sense of hope, concern, unlimited optimism which is a huge lift to adults…especially in the teacher-student relationship. It also lights the lamp of a positive future that we will be OK, all will be well. As you do one, you shall do all.”