Yearbook Class Adjusts During Pandemic

Like most things in 2020, Campo’s Yearbook class has had to adapt and adjust to distance learning. In producing a yearbook documenting this atypical school year, the Yearbook staff has developed new ways of collecting content and filling the book’s pages.

Marketing and Media Editor junior Natalie Zinman said, “The yearbook will definitely be different this year, but our team is working hard to adapt to our current circumstances. We are changing some pages in the book while also keeping some traditional aspects.”

Without sporting events, dances, and other school activities, much of the yearbook’s typical content will be absent from this year’s publication. However, the staff hopes that changes made to the book’s content will be well-received by students.

“Normally the Campolindo yearbook is heavy in the sports category, however this year it’s going to be much heavier in the lifestyle category. We are super excited about this because the student body enjoys that section the most,” said co-Editor-in-Chief junior Georgia Thompson.

While Yearbook’s staff is unable to take photos and contact students in-person, the class has developed other methods of gathering content to complete the book.

Thompson said, “At the start of the year, we were worried about getting content, but… we have also set up a new way for Campolindo students to share photos with us called eShare.”

Students can contribute content by uploading their photos to using the code “Campo” or by downloading the Herff Jones eShare app. The Yearbook class Instagram, @campo_yearbook, outlines the submission process, encouraging students to upload their photos capturing summer activities, birthday celebrations, hobbies, activism, and more.

While away from campus, the Yearbook class is relying on these student contributions. Zinman said, “We hope to receive content from our students and possibly professional photographers.”

Adapting to this new normal, the editors have also “designed our spreads to make it so that our staff members will have an easier time contacting people,” said Thompson.

Despite the challenges faced while working virtually, the Yearbook class strives to bring a high-quality book into the hands of students. Zinman said, “Working on the book is different in the sense that we are not together helping each other in person, but we are still completing the yearbook virtually.”