Delico-Mode: Travis Scott Burger Delights Students


Cyrene Puno

Travis Scott Meal

McDonald’s most recent menu addition, the “Travis Scott Meal,” allegedly consists of rapper Travis Scott’s exact order, and the trend of ordering it has gone viral on Tik Tok.

The meal is supposed to come with a Sprite, fries, BBQ sauce, and a Quarter Pounder topped with cheese, bacon, lettuce, onions, pickles, ketchup, and mustard. According to the McDonald’s website, the combo is “a classic, made iconic.”

The Travis Scott Meal was officially offered until October 4. The trend has prompted some customers to drive up to the window and simply play Scott’s song Sicko Mode instead of ordering.

As McDonald’s largest current advertising tactic, the popular rapper’s meal is being sold for just $6. If you ordered the exact same contents of the meal without asking for the package, the price would be about $9, as McDonald’s usually charges extra for pickles, tomatoes, and other condiments.

Junior Sarah Tallarico thought that the meal was a good advertising strategy because a lot of people have been going to try it. “I don’t go to McDonald’s that often, but I’ve been going more recently. Usually I just get a plain cheeseburger, but I like the ‘Travis Scott’ and everything on it. I would [get it again]. I’ve gotten it 3 times already.”

Senior Mia Chon said that she “got it as a joke, but it, surprisingly, was not awful. It was honestly just a bacon burger, though. There was nothing really that special about it.”

“I would probably not get it again. It was really just a burger so 1 time was good enough for me. Although it’s just a burger, McDonald’s was smart to use such a big rapper to promote their meal. I bet they’ve made a ton of money from it,” said Chon.

Sophomore Leighton Jay agreed, “The meal was okay, but not too interesting. It was no different than any other McDonalds meal I’ve had. It was just a basic combo meal with a very small amount of bacon added on it,” said Jay.

McDonald’s has also created a line of merchandise for the meal, furthering the reach of this advertising tactic. Even though the product, a bacon cheeseburger, is seemingly simple, McDonald’s partnership with the rapper has effectively popularized the meal.