Frugal Spring Break Favorites

Rachel Jin, Staff Writer

Spring break.  That surreal, abstract beacon of hope for so many high school students, is about to become a reality.  Sadly, it’s a reality that doesn’t always live up to the hype.

Sure, it might mean pool parties, beach trips, and exotic vacations for some, but between the scant few hours of “fun-time” can lie long episodes of inexplicable boredom.

I’ve enjoyed my share of adventures, to Spain and Monaco, to Vancouver and Cabo, to the Sistine Chapel and the Colosseum. I’ve also spent mind-numbingly drab hours withering away in the confines of my bedroom, watching and rewatching various Game of Thrones characters slaughtering each other and still now having no recollection of the entire plot line of season 3.

Some spring breaks I’ve spent idling at home, brainstorming, in vain, things to do that are both fun and affordable. Unfortunately, eating Cheetos on the couch may be enjoyable and rather frugal, but it’s pathetic compared to your BFF’s trip to St. Tropez.

Ever hopeful, I’ve compiled below a list of my favorite spring break activities when I’m stuck at home.

1. Hit up a local destination

Sure, the beaches here have got nothing on the white-sand havens of Tahiti, but hey, they’re passable. Grab some friends and head down to Twin Lakes, and if you squint your eyes (and hold your nose) the browning sand and cold green water will look like a tropical dream.

2. Throw a pool party

This one’s obvious. Invite some friends to your house for a poolside barbecue. Free food and swimming? Yes. And if you don’t have a pool, Google Earth is only slightly-creepy option to see which of your vacationing neighbors has a sweet pool in their backyard.

3. Visit historical attractions

Those of us who live near places like San Francisco may not be half as impressed as a sightseer from New Jersey (or somewhere else that’s far), but take some time to enjoy acclaimed destinations, like the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. Getting yourself trapped in a vintage prison cell may just be more invigorating than being trapped in your room.

4. Have a picnic

Food. That’s all.

5. Have a Netflix marathon

Sure, watching one Netflix movie after another may get tiring after a while, but a great new TV show will last you weeks. Grab some popcorn and hit play on American Horror Story or The Office, two of my personal favorites, and be prepared to grow roots into your sofa.

For some of us, it’s hard to come back to school and listen to the stories of what everyone else did while we were sitting at home doing nothing. So try these things, and maybe next time when the teacher calls on you, you’ll have something equally awesome to say you did over break.