Dancers Plan Disney Performance

Jack Moeller, Staff Writer

California Academy of the Performing Arts will send 100 dancers to Disneyland for a performance on February 14-16.

“We have been going down to Disneyland for years. We do this to perform and get better. This is what we do; we love to perform,” said Montana Dunn, a veteran CAPA dancer.

“We go to Disneyland because we like to perform for all the kids and adults there at the park,” explained fellow CAPA member Monica Massimillo.

According to Dunn, the themes and pieces planned for the Disneyland trip change each year. “Usually we just perform production pieces, which are sets of pieces that all corollate together. We will pick one person or a style of music to perform. It is a themed event. This year we are doing a trash talking theme,” she said. “It is a piece where a lot of us incorporate recycling.”

“My favorite part is probably being able to preform for all of the children, and, of course, going on all of the rides,” Massimillo said.

According to Massimillo, there is a relationship between theater dancing and Disneyland. “It is catered to the kids, so it is theatrical,” she said.

CAPA has over 500 dancers, but only about 100 will be preforming at Disneyland.