Kindness Club Promotes Positive Culture


Club members discuss their ARK activity. The club meets two Thursdays every month at lunch.

Nick Johnson, Staff Writer

Have you received a small treat, or a kind gesture at school this year? The Acts of Random Kindness (ARK) club may have been behind this simple courtesy.

The ARK club was founded by senior Olivia Bisel this year, and is advised by math teacher Dagmar Ortman. Bisel came up with the idea for the club during a summer program at Yale. “I thought it would be a great thing for Campolindo to have,” she said.

The club organizes a different activity to promote kindness each week. Recently, they made Halloween cards for students with a note and some candy. According to Bisel, club members will be making care packages to be distributed to random people during Finals Week.

Bisel plans to work with other clubs to set up activities.  “We’re hoping to possibly collaborate with the Lorax club because we think they have similar goals to improve the Campolindo lifestyle,” she said.

Bisel believes that a simple courtesy can have a positive effect on a person’s day.  According to her, the club has helped spread kindness throughout the school and made people’s days more enjoyable because they received a “random act of kindness.”

Bisel believes the club is important to high schoolers in particular.  “It’s easy to  get caught up in school and work. However,  you have to look at the big picture of what high school really is. It’s 4 years of your life you will never get back,” she said.

The club meets two Thursdays each month during lunch. Originally, 51 people signed up, but the club could still use more members, according to Bisel.