Halloween Still Highlight for High Schoolers

Katie Erickson, Staff Writer

Halloween, the scariest of holidays, is celebrated by students in many ways, from trick-or-treating to attending haunted houses.

According to sophomore Iman Sigman, haunted houses are a great way to get in the spooky spirit. “I’m going to go to the haunted house at Rheem Shopping Center if there is one this year,” said Sigman.

Although little kids are notoriously known to trick-or-treat , sophomore Maddie Young believes that regardless of age, it is something that shouldn’t be missed. “People are never too old to trick-or-treat. You are never too old to have a little fun,” said Young.

According to sophomore Erin Huber, how old you look determines whether or not you should trick-or-treat. “It depends on how tall you are and how old you look, ” said Huber.

While some will be out filling their bags with candy, others will be oblivious to the holiday. According to junior Katie Erickson, homework is a top priority for her on Halloween. “I’m going to be asleep,” said Erickson.

The day of Halloween has a different meaning for the Ahazie family because it falls on their mother’s birthday. “I’m staying home with my mom because it’s her birthday. I have never been trick-or-treating before,” said sophomore Nikki Ahazie.

Although the nighttime activities vary, dressing up in costumes is popular for most students. “I’m going to go Western and be a cowgirl. I’m wearing the costume to school too,” said sophomore Olivia Carver.