New Recognitions Focus on Character

Nikki Honda, Co-Sports Editor

Sometimes it may seem like your esteem hinges on test scores and pop quizzes, rather than character and integrity. That’s why the Leadership class has introduced a new monthly acknowledgment of stand-out students called “Cougar of the Month.”

According to Leadership adviser Dino Petrocco, the goal is to promote achievement outside the grade book. “The idea was presented by Principal Walker. Essentially, we wanted to recognize students at Campo for everything except academics,” he said.

Each month focuses on one specific character trait, determined by Leadership. Teachers then nominate students who exemplify that trait. February’s trait was respect. Categories for future months include positivity, caring, integrity, work ethic, responsibility, inspiration, and improvement.

January’s theme was participation, and the representatives chosen were Daniel Meadows, Katherine Christensen, Ashley Bernardo, and Sam Tanner. According to Petrocco, each student selected as Cougar of the Month receives a 5 dollar gift certificate to Yogurt Shack and gets their picture taken, to be displayed in the A hall.

The most recent Cougars of the Month, selected for February, were freshman Phoebe Howard, sophomore Grace Roberts, junior Anna Sanderson, and senior Patrick Fritzky.

Howard was nominated by Physical Education teacher Nancy Fagan. “I chose her because she’s always respectful of others, she cares immensely about others, and she respects herself,” Fagan said.

“She said I’m always respectful and nice to everyone,” Howard said of Fagan. Howard said she felt happy and a little shocked when she found out she had been selected.

Roberts, the sophomore who was selected, said that although she does not know who nominated her, she was happy she won. Outside of school, Roberts’ extracurricular activities include participating in the school musical and playing tennis. She also goes to the Dominican Republic to do charity work and spend time with orphans. “Last summer we worked on a school house that turned into a bible school,” said Roberts.

Sanderson also does not know which teacher nominated her but was surprised when she found out. Sanderson’s extracurricular activities include participating in CAPA dance for about 11 or 12 years.

Senior Fritzky said he found his selection “kind of cool.” Outside of school, Fritzky said he has participates in Boy Scouts, plays lacrosse, and runs. He described himself as “pretty hard-working in the subjects that I like.”

Petrocco is pleased with the outcome from Cougar of the Month, and optimistic about the future of the award system. “It’s worked out pretty well so far,” he said.