Anonymous Praise Feels Good

Casey Miller, Staff Writer

Who is behind “Campo Compliments”?

On January 11, an anonymous user started a Facebook page called “Campo Compliments.”  They added a few people to the group by friend-request.  As of January 22, the page had over 600 friends, half the population of Campolindo.

“I created this page to let students feel good about themselves, and as a way for them to be nice to others,” the anonymous administrator of the group says in a post on the main page.

Students can send a message to the “Campo Compliments” admin on Facebook, complimenting another student.  The admin then posts the compliment and tags the subject, while the flatterer’s identity remains unknown.

The admin said, “The best part of running this page is the sheer number of comments that state ‘this made my day!’ or ‘thank you so much, anonymous!’”

However, the Compliments page does have its downsides.  Occasionally students treat it as a joke, and they submit statements about their friends that are sarcastic comments rather than genuine compliments.  One post displayed an exaggerated appreciation for someone’s body, and other posts overstate others’ athletic skills.

For the most part, the admiration is sincere.  Some visitors to the page respond to comments about themselves, thanking the anonymous admirers.

For example, junior Megan Zhu commented, “Anonymous, I love you.” Senior Colleen O’Brien responded to her own compliment with, “You just brightened my day!”  The admin explained that this was the goal of the page: to make students happy.

The “Campo Compliments” admin posted on January 17, “This really brings out the best in all of us, and has made my day for quite a few days now.  But this demonstration of our ability to love and appreciate not only those that are closest to us, but those that we can recognize as inspirational, even from a distance, warms my heart.”