Skyfall Satisfies 007 Fans

Casey Miller, Co-Sports Editor

When a terrorist wants to take down Great Britain’s top secret intelligence agency, you can bet James Bond will figure out a way to stop them.  In the Bond series’ 23rd film, Skyfall, Daniel Craig plays the legendary secret agent for a third time, following Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.

However, this film is different, due to an increase in character development. More of Bond’s background is twisted into the story, making revenge one of Bond’s main motives.  Some viewers may argue that the depressing childhood of Bond was awkwardly woven into the film as a subplot, but in the end, Bond’s old home, where his parents were buried, provided a perfect setting for the final battle.

The rest of the settings are typical of a 007 story: it’s hard to keep track of exactly what country he is in most of the time.  If it weren’t for subtitles naming each city, the audience would have been completely lost.

Not that it mattered, because the plot was gripping enough. Unlike its predecessors, the Skyfall story line is easier to follow.  There’s only one villain (played by Javier Bardem); but he is enough to present a challenge, an equal match, to Bond’s own intellect.

Judi Dench is back for the sixth time as “M,” the head of the London-based MI6 agency and Bond’s ultimate supporter and protector. Unfortunately, the latter role is nearly lost when she makes a disastrous mistake in the beginning of the film, fracturing her relationship with Bond until the final battle scene brings them together again. Dench even gets in on some of the action sequences this time around.

As usual, a “Bond girl” functions as a vital character: Eve Moneypenny (Naomi Harris) assists Bond in his escapades throughout Macau and England. However, she doesn’t have quite as much of a role as past Bond girls, with only a fraction of screen time.

Even with the little missteps, the cinematography is what makes this Bond film one of the best.  Especially during the hotel scene in Shanghai, director Sam Mendes creates visuals that appear incredibly realistic and help dramatize each fight scene, every chase, and every rogue encounter.

Overall, fans will be pleased with Skyfall.  Even with new gadgets and modern technology, Daniel Craig keeps the spirit of the original Bond character alive fifty years later.