Almost Maine Almost Here

Lindsay Wilson, Staff Writer

Mystery and magic come to campus this fall with the upcoming drama production Almost Maine. Set in a town that “almost” came into existence, the play describes one specific moment in time from the perspective of several different people. These characters share their own insight to life and relationships under glittering stars and the colorful Aurora Borealis.

Mina Arasteh and Kyle Merryman are both co-producers as well as actors in the play. Even though they said it is difficult, both enjoy the challenge of acting and producing. Arasteh said, “It’s hectic and fun. You get to mold talent to fit your vision. It’s an amazing experience.”

With each scene corresponding to different people’s lives, Merryman is excited about the progress that the actors have made towards creating their own unique characters. He said, “It’s coming along really well. Now people have found significant characters that really stand out. They have caricature and a magical quality.” Furthermore, he describes the cast as talented. With so many seniors graduating from drama this year, Merryman hopes to draw a large crowd to come and see them in one of their last high school productions.

One of the appeals of “Almost Maine” is that it is relevant to students. As Arasteh said, “It’s a good date play. It’s cute, funny.” She believes that people will relate to the characters and empathize with the struggles and triumphs that they experience. “It is really honest and accessible. It’s human.”

Also, the scenes set underneath the Aurora Borealis give the play an enchanting feel. Merryman and Arasteh want the audience to look for the magic in the setting and the characters’ experiences. “This play is really about the magic in life and the moments that you don’t need to explain- that you just embrace,” Arasteh said.

With the possibility of three performances beginning on November 29 and ending on November 30, there are many opportunities to see “Almost Maine.” All three showings will be held at night. Merryman asks that those planning to come buy tickets online, so that the producers have a rough idea of how many will attend.