“Decades” Homecoming Theme Reception Mixed

Cat Kolm, Staff Writer

As the leaves change color and the temperature drops, Homecoming becomes a source of excitement on high school campuses.  This year’s theme is “Decades,” with the seniors “gettin’ down” with the 60s, the juniors “rocking out” with the 80s, the sophomores “spreading the love” with the 70s, and the freshman “living it up” with the 90s.

The question buzzing around campus is: “Why decades?”

Anjali Bajaj, Leadership’s head of diversity, explained the whole process.  “Everyone [in leadership] said random themes…[they] just threw out a random theme with four subcategories.”

Some of the themes were crazy, according to Bajaj.  “Someone even said facial hair as a theme: unibrows for freshman, sideburns for sophomores, goatees for juniors, and mustaches for seniors.”  Decades, said Bajaj, had four subcategories that everyone agreed on.

Not everyone is happy about the choice.  “The theme is unoriginal,” said junior Nikitha Kodali. “I feel like it’s been done before…I wish it was something more out there.”

Others approve of the theme, but dislike their class’ assigned category.  Freshman Natalie Kolm said, “The themes are okay…but I’d change the freshman decade.  I don’t like the 90s…I’d change it to anything else.”

Senior Jennifer Walton agrees. “The theme’s the one I wanted, I wouldn’t change [it]…but I’d change the senior’s theme from 60s to the 20s.”

As for dressing up for themes, things are definitely simpler than previous years.  “The seniors are handing out disco ball necklaces, the juniors might have neon sunglasses, the sophomores are giving out peace signs, and the freshmen…well…they’re working on it,” said Bajaj.