Positive Posters Seek to Improve Students’ Mental Health


Sophia Lohman

Wellness and Leadership work together to provide positive posters and encouragement to students.

Leadership has posted positivity posters around campus during September in honor of Suicide Prevention Month. These posters feature bright colors and encouraging phrases relating to mental health.

Freshman Leadership Equity Council (LEC) student Keira Verprauskus said, “We know it is Suicide Prevention Month, and we wanted to make sure everyone felt heard and seen. We wanted to put out positive messages that all the students can see.”

These posters encourage students to utilize the Wellness Center and other resources on campus. The phrases range from words of reassurance to beneficial reminders, both of which can brighten the moods of students passing by.

Sophomore Kendall Hollyfield said, “I think that they [are helping students because] if they’re having a bad day and they see the posters, it really helps boost their self confidence. [It improves] what they think about themselves and how they go through life.”

With 1 poster reading “Self care is how you take your power back,” these messages also encourage students to not only to take advantage of outside resources, but also to remember to take care of themselves.

LEC advisor Molly Kerr said, “It is part of the desire for the LEC class to create more inclusion and belonging. Mental health is important to all of us and [we] want to normalize the notion and begin to discuss it because we all have to be introspective about where we are and how we’re feeling about ourselves.”

These posters are only 1 of many efforts to break the stigma surrounding mental health on campus.

Verprauskus said, “We [also] ordered a lot of lollipops with little pieces of paper on them, [which are similar to] the lollipops [students] get on Valentine’s Day. On 1 side of the paper, we’re going to put the number of the National Suicide Hotline. On the other side [of the paper] there will be a nice note letting students know they are loved. Then, we’ll just hand out those to students on Friday.”

The LEC class hopes to remind students of the importance of mental health through these positive actions.