New Program Focuses on the Strength of Women

Campolindo Athletic Boosters has recently started a new weights program that is strictly female oriented. This program offers women opportunities to get stronger while having time to focus on school and other extracurricular activities. Additionally, this program is open to all female Campo students, athletes, and non athletes alike.

The class started on April 12 and will end May 22. They meet every Monday (3:15-4:15) and Wednesday (4:45-5:45), and each session has different workouts designed for the participants to get stronger.

Freshman Ava Rogers said, “I enjoy the weight program because I’m able to socialize with friends while working out in an environment with a workout that allows me to get strong.”

Getting strong is something that this program values, especially because women and girls are often looked down upon and stereotyped. Now there is a program that is specifically for girls who want to build muscle and participate in a program that they would not have had an opportunity to do otherwise.

Freshman Ella Harris said, “It’s a good program to participate in, the workouts are challenging and it’s a good environment to be in. The workouts are being paced well and are challenging. I am participating in this program to get stronger overall, and to help perform better in soccer.”

Strength benefits both athletes and non athletes. Athletes are able to get stronger for their sport and have more physical activity. Non athletes are able to get more physical activity while getting stronger at the same time.

Harris continued by saying, “The program is based around less experienced people so they know the correct technique and form to make sure they know the foundations. Eventually, we will be able to build off of the foundations from this program.”

Having a good foundation for anything is extremely important, but is especially beneficial for females participating in this program because they learn the basics of weight training so they can continue at a higher level without getting injured. Additionally having a good foundation allows them to lift heavier weights with good form, which will help them get stronger as well.

Freshman Mia Walloch said, “This program should be continued next year for the students that want to participate in weightlifting.”

This program gives female students the ability to participate in a typically male-dominated activity. There are benefits that come with continuing this program, one being that more female students will have the opportunity to participate in the coming years.

Walloch finished off, saying, “It’s a beneficial program because it’s important for girls to have the same opportunities as guys, and this program helps with teaching weightlifting.”