Competitive Cheerleading Team Places 5th at National Competition

Varsity Campolindo Competitive Cheerleading team performs at national competition.

Campolindo’s Competitive Cheer Team ended their season on a successful note on February 25, taking home a fifth place trophy and hitting zero at their annual National Competition.

The team competed at USA Spirit Nationals, an organization started in 1986. Nationals hosted almost 7,00 athletes, ranging from competitive cheer to various types of dance.

Training since summer, the team performed at football games and four competitions. Nationals this year were located in Anaheim, California. Practicing almost everyday, the team put long hours into preparing while combating obstacles like injury and illness.

Senior Emma Helber said, “Practicing for Nationals requires a lot of dedication, communication, and a true love for the sport. This was definitely the best our team has ever done at Nationals, probably in the entire history of the program. I was really proud and excited to be a part of this season’s team. My favorite part was seeing how happy everyone was once we got off the mat. My goal was for everyone to enjoy their Nationals experience, especially because we had a lot of seniors on the team.”

The team competed against many others and ended up earning fifth place.

Senior Vivienne Gavillet said, “I was really proud of the whole team because that was the best we had ever done in any performance or competition all season. My favorite part was spending time with our team and getting to bond with everyone.”

With 9 seniors on the team, it was the last Nationals for many of the cheerleaders. When asked what it feels like to be graduating from the cheer program, Gavillet added, “It is exciting but also sad, because this was both my first and last season, so I don’t get to come back next year.”

Sophomore Brooke Maher said, “I was really excited because we didn’t have any falls during the routine and we hit zero. My favorite part was the end of our routine when everyone looked at each other and realized that we didn’t make any mistakes.”

When asked what her hopes were for next season, Maher said, “More positive energy on the team and more confidence in ourselves.”