Basketball Takes Down Northgate in First League Game


Elliot Frick

#11 Dylan Mansour, #24 Logan Robeson, #1 Clay Naffziger, #12 Gavin Rendle, #5 Shane O’Reilly

Boys Varsity Basketball took on the Northgate Broncos on January 6 for the first home game of the season. The game was close in the beginning, but ended with a cougar blowout during the fourth quarter, which allowed Campo to come out on top with a score of 66-56.

This game was the first game of the league, as well as being the first home game of the season. There was originally supposed to be a home game against Acalanes on January 4, but due to the storm in the Bay Area the Cougars had to make a quick turnaround to focus on their next game against Northgate.

Shooting guard senior Shane O’Reilly said, “The mentality stayed the same going into our game against Northgate. We’ve been locked in for league for a long time, so we were disappointed because the rain shut down the game. But we still stayed locked in.”

Guard senior Logan Robeson said “Since the first [League Game] was canceled it made it so that we hadn’t played a game in almost a week, and during the season that’s a pretty substantial amount of time not to be playing. We were just antsy to get out there and we were ready to go from the beginning.”

The first quarter started off slow with the cougars falling behind 5 points. However, in the second quarter they picked it up and began to make up that point difference.

Robeson continued, “It mostly had to do with them shooting the ball at a ridiculous percentage. We played well defensively throughout the game but they were making a lot of tough shots.”

Even with being ready from the get go, the Broncos still ended up outshooting the Cougars in the first quarter. However, by half time the Cougars were able to slow down Northgate’s shots and make up the 5 point difference. Going into the third quarter the Broncos were only leading by 1.

The Red C has always been a huge supporter of sports, and it makes a huge difference when they show out and support teams during rivalry games. O’Reilly said, “ During the second quarter the Red C definitely brought a lot more energy. Going into halftime, the first thing I heard was all of them cheering which gives us energy and it’s awesome.”

In the fourth quarter the Cougars took complete control of the game, scoring 17 points to Northgate’s 6. This abundance of points cemented the win for the Cougs.

Robeson said, “It’s our team goal to win League and go undefeated, which would be 12-0, so I think that getting off on the right foot is definitely important. This game got us acclimated to what league games will be like in the future.”