Track Overcomes Obstacles in Post-Pandemic Season

Junior Ellie Buckley and other track and field runners are going strong during their race.

The track and field team had 1 of their 1st meets of the season on March 9 against Miramonte.

Team members feel that the season has been going well so far. Junior Caroline McCool said, “The last meet went well. We lost power halfway through, but we were hand-timing and we kept running. I think we stacked up really well against Miramonte.”

During the meet there was a power outage at Campo, meaning that the digital timers they would usually use didn’t work, so they had to time the runners in a different way. Regardless, the team was determined to keep going and be resourceful.

Despite the challenges of this meet, the season has been going well so far for track and field athletes. Senior Mason Farra said, “The season has been going good for most people, especially me. We have started out strong in our 1st few meets, and I broke a couple of personal records.”

Farra is 1 of the team’s star sprinters: “I am attempting to break a few of the school records, and if I manage to break one of those that would be really cool.”

McCool added, “This year we have a nice even distribution of distance runners and sprinters, as well as hurdlers and jumpers, and throwers. So far people have already PRing, which [means] breaking their own records. People are having so much fun and we are off to a great start.”

Track and field athletes hope this season will be more successful than the last 2, as the past 2 seasons were cut short due to COVID-19. Farra said, “It’s great to be able to have a full season this year. My sophomore and junior year got cut short, and I’m hoping that I will be able to improve more with more time [in a full season].”

McCool added, “Last year was super different because all the events were very separated and they never competed or had practices together, this year is way better because we are able to come closer as a team and have meets and practices together with all the different events.”