Senior Football Player Announces Commitment to Virginia Tech

Senior Elijah Klock commits to Virginia Tech to play football.

Senior football player Elijah Klock, who plays offensive and defensive lineman, has officially announced his commitment to play Division 1 football at Virginia Tech University.

Klock has played football for almost his entire life, but developed a real passion for it when he was a sophomore and got called up to varsity. “That’s when I knew I had to fully commit to it,” said Klock.

Klock knew he loved Virginia Tech when he got involved with the school this past summer. “I went to 1 of their camps this summer and had a really great time and performed really well. I really got to mesh with the coaches and fell in love with the campus, and things just fell into place from there.”

In regard to choosing Virginia Tech, varsity football coach Kevin Macy said, “Oh, it’s a perfect fit for him. It was his number 1 pick from the beginning. He’s got brothers that are back on the East Coast, and it’s a big football school and town, so he’s going to have a lot of excitement.”

Fellow teammate and friend senior Tyrone Tuavale has a lot of faith in Klock’s ability to succeed in college. “I think that Elijah is a smart dude who has a great work ethic; his decision to play football at Virginia Tech is going to be a lot of hard work that many people would fold under, but if anyone can take on that workload, it’s him,” said Tuavale.

Klock’s recruiting process was a bit of a whirlwind. “I was recruited by the running back coach and director of recruiting at the time, Coach Adam Lechtenberg. After I got my offer he got fired, but then I got in contact with the offensive coach Joe Rudolph,” Klock explained.

Everybody involved in sports has people that have seriously impacted them and their journey. For Klock, he says his biggest influencers and supporters throughout his career have been his dad and Coach Macy. “My dad because he helped instill a love of the game inside me, and Coach Macy because he’s taught me the benefits of humble hard work.”

“He’s a rare one, he has his own internal motor that is set to a pace that we really haven’t seen and may never see again,” Macy said.

“He’s got a big drive and really needs no extra push, if anything, we almost have to pull him back a little. His passion for doing extra work – whether it’s at practice, in the weight room, or at home – is outstanding,” added Macy.

“His passion as a player is unmatched and he is definitely the hardest worker with a chip on his shoulder,” said Tuavale. “He’s definitely a big contributor to the team. He not only carries more than his own weight, but he is always the first to help coach and others on and off the field. Without him, the field would feel empty.”

Klock’s future is big and bright, in terms of football and his life as a whole. “Even excluding football, Elijah is going to have a bright future no matter what he does. He has such a strong love for life and is enthusiastic about whatever he’s doing,” Macy said.

“My long term future goals are to have fun in college, if I’m blessed enough to be able to play in the league I definitely want to play pro, and you know, I’m just along for the ride,” Klock concluded.