Varsity Basketball Crushes Piedmont

Cade Bennett dribbles the ball, preparing to overcome his defense.

The varsity boys basketball team crushed Piedmont High School 64-46 in a home game on November 29, attributing their win to staying focused and strategic plays.

“We locked in on our defensive principles, and took out their 2 best players, which was what Coach Dyer was putting emphasis on all week long,” said junior Shane O’Reilly, who was named the most valuable player (MVP) at the previous game.

Senior Cade Bennet ascribed the win to the fact that they “played hard and locked in on our defense.”
The team is very excited to have a full season this year and fans back at games after a year of COVID, with spectators not being allowed at their games.

Junior Dominic Sanguinetti said, “This season we have a full schedule, tournaments, and we’re already looking at a postseason. There are just a lot more opportunities to achieve higher goals and expectations.”

“Having fans back at games brings out energy in the players and it makes the environment more fun. It brings out more nerves, but it allows us to play better,” said O’Reilly.

The team believes that their game plan for this season will bring them many more victories, “We just have to play like the underdogs, even when the rankings say otherwise. Just keep playing like we’ve always played,” said O’Reilly.

The team is motivated to continue the rest of the reason with the same level of motivation that they had at their winning game.

O’Reilly added, “[The team] will keep on being locked in on the game… stay locked in on defensive principles, play selflessly, and play hungry.”