Lacrosse Teammates Commit to UC Davis

Lacrosse teammates Paige Davis and Annie Cimperman pose in their UC Davis shirts.

2 Campolindo varsity lacrosse players, junior Paige Davis and senior Annie Cimperman, have officially committed to the University of California, Davis (UC Davis) and will continue playing lacrosse there.

Girls’ lacrosse head coach Devon Combe is “incredibly proud of the work they each put into their craft to be prepared for college level lacrosse as well as all the other adventures that college offers.”

“Both Annie and Paige are exceptionally talented players who are also well rounded individuals. UC Davis is a strong university that offers a lot of options for them to explore their interests at the college level while also playing for a successful lacrosse program,” said Combe.

Davis, talking about her college recruitment process, said, “I built up connections throughout the years and then coaches were finally able to reach out on September 1, and then we’ve been emailing each other back and forth. And I went there in person. And then they offered it to me at the end of the month.”

Davis added, “I committed [to UC Davis] for the people, the coaches, the location, and the overall like skill of the team…I’m super excited, and my last name is Davis, so it works out.”

Cimperman is incredibly excited for her next steps in college. “I feel like it’s just like the perfect fit for me. And just the whole community of the team is amazing. And I love the coach and I want to be close to home so I can see my parents and family too,” she said.

As for the teammates’ future playing lacrosse together, Cimperman said, “Paige is 1 of my best friends. So it was the most exciting news ever and I’m just so excited that I get to keep playing with her because we play really well together on the field.”

Combe added, “College level lacrosse is a much faster paced game with a higher degree of physicality. It requires a greater sense of creativity and teamwork in order to succeed. Annie has demonstrated her ability to thrive at this level through her ability to maintain her drive in any game situation to perform at her best and by winning draws, assisting, and scoring.”

“Paige has a level of creativity that allows her to take on any situation with a clear mentality and a positive outcome. Knowing that the 2 of them will have the opportunity to play a faster paced game with new players and new styles while also being able to play a few years with each other is a great comfort to me,” said Combe.

While it is not unusual for lacrosse athletes to commit to colleges as early as junior year like Davis is doing, Combe said, “It is truly about what fit is right for the individual player. Some players find the perfect school for them after months and months of communications with tens of schools and some know exactly the school they want and as soon as they have that conversation with that school, they commit early. It is so incredibly unique and individual that it is important for athletes to not compare their timelines or processes to each other but to instead remember what their needs are and focus on their wellbeing in both the short and long term.”