Win Marks Football’s Season Momentum

Junior Dashiell Weaver warms up before getting in the game.

The Campolindo varsity football team won the home football game against San Leandro High School with a score 34-27 on September 17, a comeback for the team after previously losing 2 games in a row.

Receiver senior Michael Coane said, “[The] game was a super big momentum chain for our football team, for sure. The week prior, we had a tough loss to Liberty High School [at] the Honor Bowl so coming back home… [and] hearing the students’ section go crazy was a super awesome feeling.”

Coane in particular caught “a seam up the middle of the field and [ran] it to the end zone… [which was] another awesome moment for me and my team, and thankfully my defense was able to hold the San Leandro offense at the end of the game and we got a big stop that gave us an opportunity to score and seal the game.”

A special moment for the team was when linebacker and fullback junior Robby Horst broke the tied score of 24-24 by scoring a touchdown in the last minute of the 4th quarter.

“I just was really excited to be honest…I was just focused on punching the ball into the end zone and just making a win for the team, but it just felt really nice,” said Horst.

Coane added, “This game we had a different mentality, we knew we had to come out fighting hard from the start because this is a team that was a lot bigger than us and, granted, had a lot more experience than our team. Last year’s team was full of seniors so now we’re all new players coming in with something to prove.”

Head Coach Kevin Macy said, “It was important for us to give [the students] a game worth watching and an exciting game, because the crowds just have been incredible. And so we just had to match the same energy that the crowd brings.”

Coane has seen team improvement and said, “I think our team is finally starting to click, especially on offense. Our quarterback is starting to step up in this position and the receivers are starting to get the plays down. And I think our defense is going to keep on fighting so hopefully we build on this momentum in our next game against Hayward and carry it into the bye week so that we can perform against our tough league opponents this year.”

However, Macy added that with the small team roster and changing injuries among the players, “[game scores are] gonna be up and down all year”.